Enter a Scarecrow

How to Enter a Scarecrow

To enter a scarecrow please click here.

How to Build a Scarecrow

Apparently, it’s all very straightforward! All you need is:

  • 1 stake about 2m (6ft) long
  • 1 stake about 1m (3ft) long
  • 1 stake about 30cm (12”) long (optional)
  • Some old clothes
  • A pair of tights or a pillow case
  • Some straw or other filling
  • Some string and/or wire

First you need to make the frame for your scarecrow. Nail or tie the 1m stake to the long 2m one about 30cm down from the top to make a cross shape. If you are using the optional 30cm stake to help secure the trousers then tie this about half way down. 

Get your old clothes and stuff with straw. Place the shirt on the short cross piece and secure. Pull one leg of a pair of trousers onto the 2m long stake – the other leg will hang alongside it. 

Secure the waist of the trousers to the 2m stake or the optional 30cm stake with some string, wire or a belt. Then add some shoes or boots. 

To make the head, fill a pillowcase or the leg of a pair of tights with straw and fashion it into a round shape. Tie the end with string and secure the ‘head’ to the top of your frame. Paint, draw or sew on some facial features.

TOP TIP: If you wish your scarecrow to survive the elements, then try sealing the straw stuffing inside some bin liners and use plenty of wire to stop your scarecrow falling apart when it’s windy. Finally, add a jaunty hat with some straw hair and HEY PRESTO!!! – you have your very own rustic masterpiece!

If you live along the trail, display your scarecrow in a prominent place. If not, then we have arranged a drop off point and many display areas around the town. Either way it’ll be something of a conversation piece amongst the town folk and visitors!